Honeydew and its principal Erin Lail do not just facilitate property management in Napa Valley, but make it a fun and highly rewarding experience. There is literally nothing that Honeydew cannot or will not do for you, and they will stay by your side in all aspects, be it simple day-to-day oversight, arranging events, or complete home renovations and engaging a full range of professionals that will deliver on time and fully meet expectations. Most important, however, is that Honeydew and Erin act as your partner and friend, making you feel that you are part of Napa Valley, the people, the land and the pleasure of home ownership in this renowned wine country.
— Arthur Ozeki
Honeydew Napa Valley helped create a beautiful and memorable day for my daughters wedding. Erin was reliable, professional and resourceful. She truly captured my daughter’s vision for her special day.
— Cliff Lede
Erin and her team at Honeydew have worked with us for over 9 years. They have done a myriad of helpful things for us from arranging gardeners to planning, organizing and implementing parties for over 100 people. We love Erin and her group of very qualified and dignified people. Their work is meticulous and their care and concern over the top. We will continue to use Honeydew with joy. We think others will, too.
— Tom and Theresa Wajnert
Three years ago, we built a second home in St. Helena, set up our lives and then looked around and realized we knew absolutely no one in the valley. Pulling together people to help us manage “life in the country” was overwhelming until we met Erin Lail and Honeydew. We are able to rely on Erin Lail and her incredible network to take care of whatever needs arise- both when we are away and when we are at home. Our requests for help have ranged all over the map from house cleaning, outdoor furniture cleaning, seasonal window washing, upholstery repair, electrical and plumbing references…pretty much anything and everything imaginable. And some of it is quite hilarious. There has never been a time when a solution was not effortelessly delivered and when Erin’s patience and 100% reliability didn’t give us a complete sense of comfort and trust. I should also add that I have called Erin from thousands of miles away and asked her to check on the house during a bad rainstorm. This is the level of service she delivers and reflects the absolute trust I have in her work. A quick word about her team of housecleaners. I have never – ever- had anyone clean my house with such care and such thoroughness. These are remarkable, lovely and incredibly professional women. I cannot praise them highly enough. I think the world of them all.
— Client X
We are fortunate to find a great second home in Napa Valley and one of the first things we did was contact Honeydew. As absentee owners, we wanted to ensure our home and property was safe, secure and tended to when we weren’t present. Honeydew has succeeded any and all expectations we had with high quality, reliable, and thorough service. We especially appreciate their timely and efficient assistance in whatever request or need we have. Their broad- based cadre of specialty service providers has made it effortless and stress free in getting work of any degree completed in a timely manner with a high-quality outcome. Honeydew has enabled us to thoroughly enjoy each and every trip we make to our Napa Valley home because we are freed up from handling the daily, routine management a home requires. The staff is friendly, trustworthy and professional. We sincerely and fully recommend them.

— Becky and Richard Koskoff
The Honeydew team has made our ownership a great “getaway property” in Napa absolutely very special.. From their initial assessment of the property through their help with various construction projects to their on-going property management, its been both flawless and painless. They are a great team with a very attentive eye on the things that really matter.
— Sandi and John Thompson
I am happy to say that I wouldn’t be able to keep my home in the Napa Valley without Honeydew!
— Laurie Shelton
Everything about the wedding weekend was perfect, wonderful and amazing! The best day of our lives :) Thank you for ALL of your help!!!
— Allison Hickey
Let me tell you that everyone was so impressed with the way you put this together. You made it so easy for me to deal with the emotional stress associated with bringing a clear picture of Pat’s life to a very diverse group. All the speakers were made to feel comfortable because your arrangements were so stress-free. I really find it difficult to find the appropriate words to express my appreciation for all that you have done - so THANKS. And I will find a way to more adequately express my thanks.
— Bob Long
As a result of having Honeydew take care of our house and their incredible attention to detail and service, if I didn’t know better I would think our home was a five star resort!! We couldn’t be happier customers.
— Tom and Debby D.