Estate Management? Consider it done.

At Honeydew we understand that no two homes are alike. Every client is an individual, and we are happy to custom tailor services to meet your needs. With our help, your estate will run smoothly.
— Erin Lail, Founder

 A happy homecoming lies in the details

Lights on? Music playing? Your refrigerator stocked with staples, fresh fruit and vegetables? It's what we do. From fresh flowers in the house to a preheated hot tub, we can do anything you require for your home to be warm and welcoming upon your arrival. Fireplace lit and stocked, radiant floors turned on, chilled wine in the fridge, newspapers scheduled for delivery and your cars freshly cleaned and serviced -- no detail is too much trouble to arrange. From daily housekeeping to any other services you might enjoy when you arrive, consider it handled.


In need of staff? Honeydew will research, interview and locate the best person for the job.  We have staffed over 60 homes over the years with positions such as housekeepers, landscapers, caretakers, personal assistants, car maintenance, security, pool care ... we are capable of finding candidates for just about anything you might desire. Honeydew is happy to work with your team or create one to fit your specific needs and insure that your time at home is as trouble-free as possible.


Unforeseen household maintenance?  Our talented and trusted subcontractors are at your service.  When you work with Honeydew, no matter what needs doing we've got a roladex full of specialists, trouble shooters, craftsmen and hospitality connections to take care of anything that might be needed. From frost protection to frosting you can feel confident that the job will be done, and done to our exacting specifications. Let us help you stay one step ahead on maintenance and promptly resolve the unexpected. 

we are your Eyes on the ground

Regular site visits can ensure your house is secure, audio/visual is in check, HVAC and filtering systems are working, pest control is effective and your cars are tuned. Whatever you need, let us manage the details.

New Home & Relocation Support 

From packing up to settling in, Honeydew's team of professionals works to remove the stress of relocating your home or starting a new one.   We can arrange for packing, unpacking, meeting with designers, and purchasing whatever is missed...organizing to your specifications, setting up service providers, and installing systems.   We will negotiate your new maintenance and security contracts, help hire your staff, and stock up on household necessities.   We can manage any construction changes you may want to make as well as find bids from architects, contractors, and subs that we have found to be the best to work with.   We can make manuals for how to run the systems for your guests and yourselves when you arrive.   There isn't a challenge we haven't been able to rise to yet.

home rental support services

Honeydew will meet your guests 24/7 so that they do not arrive to an empty house.  The house will be cleaned, lights and heat/air on, music on, refrigerator stocked (if desired) and all systems will be checked prior to arrival to make sure they are working correctly.  We will educate them on everything in the house and also create manuals if there is a question after we leave.  We will be available for any issue that might come up so that you will not need to be bothered.  We will work with your subs or our own if anything needs repairing. We can also provide a list of local contacts, things to do, movie schedules and weather.  Our goal is give them the warmest most hospitable welcome we can give.

In addition Honeydew offers full concierge services for your guests under separate contract, to enhance their stay which can guarantee return rentals.   The ideal is to eventually have the same wonderful people renting your home so that you can have a piece of mind as to who is there.

Let's get started

 Estate Management Services are offered to select clients via service contract. For a private consultation regarding your property, please contact us.